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I love this!

Thanks a lot for featuring my music! The game was smooth and well put together. Experienced no problems. Also addicting at some point.

If you need music made for a flash game of yours just e-mail me and request something. Always willing to help out!

Spudz responds:

Hey, thanks alot man, I really appreciate that I'll be making some changes soon and adding new music for some levels so I'll need some more music alright.

Thanks again.

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WinTang owns j00

Your bookmarked for sure.
This was very epic and video game-ish.
I don't know how anyone could not love this.
I don't know if anyone said this but your music brings joy to people, especially me.
Was there ambient elements anyways?
You kick ass!

WinTang responds:

I'm actually moved.
Thanks man, thanks. I'll check your new stuff soon, but I'm actually supposed to do some personal administration now - someone give me the courage...
Ambient? Dunno. Because of the laidbackness or something? :)
Btw, you kick ass too!

Its good cause it's RUCKLO!

You are an audio legend.
You have mastered Reason.
You are #2 on my top Artists list. :D
The song is flawless. The one thing I love
about your new tracks is the use of
turntablism. Your hip-hop is truly unique,
not like that ripped off Lil' Jon shit
we hear on newgrounds.

I loved the snare with your percussion.
You should make a Rucklo ReDrum kit.
I love everything about this song.
You got some groovy shit going Rucklo.
Good luck with future music!

I also finished that song you were looking
forward too. Check it out if you wish.

We should collab sometime.

Thanks for your vote, TheSuitcase! You voted 5 for Rucklo - I Switch It On, raising its score from 3.90 to 3.95.

Rucklo responds:

Hey thanx alot man!
I listene to that song when i had roadband, i thought i reviewd it? ah well, go review it when i get broadband then :D

Thanx for the review man, just contact me if ya wannna collab!


I liked this alot. The vox-ish breath at the beggining is nice. The filtering you did with the bass is perfect. I also loved the fade out trick you used at the end. Keep it up and check out my music if you want.

Thanks for your vote, TheSuitcase! You voted 5 for Die With Style 2--_--LOOP, raising its score from 4.33 to 4.50.

Instructions: Check out my music...

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